FIN 307 Grantham University Principle of Finance Discussion

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Questions should be answerd with a minimu of 200 words

Discussion Prompt #1

Interest rate risk is the risk
that changes in interest rates (in the U.S. or other world markets) may
reduce (or increase) the market value of an investment that you might
hold. As an investor now or in the future, what are steps that you would
take to mitigate the risk of interest rate risk? Do you believe age and
current economic status play a role in how much interest rate risk
investors can tolerate? Discuss your reasoning.

Discussion Prompt #2

Compare and contrast the
decisions that are consistent with the firm’s share price maximization
goals. In your response, provide at least two peer-reviewed sources to
support your answers. As we have discussed, one of the main goals of the
organization is to maximize the profits in the organization to increase
the firm’s share price. Consider your own organization or a previous
organization, what goals were set to maximize the profits? Did these
goals come at the “cost” of other important goals for the organization?
Discuss your experiences.

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