FIN 3331 TU How Does the Corporate Suffer from The Virus Outbreak Essay

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1. Pick a company that has been affected by the virus outbreak.

2. The company must have a market capitalization of less than $100 billion. Market cap can be found on Yahoo Finance (Links to an external site.) (Clearly Microsoft should not be selected).

3. Illustrate the recent stock movement of the firm from Jan 2020 until now and examine whether the increase/decrease is because of the virus outbreak.

4. Elaborate the channel of the virus impact. For example, is it because of fewer customers, more constraint suppliers, panicking investors, or less productive employees?

5. Would the firm be better off given the recently announced stimulus plan?

6. When do you expect the business to return to normal and, of course, the stock price to come back to the fundamental value? Why?

7. Use this article as an EXAMPLE.

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