Final IEP

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Review Elli Smith’s Present Level of Academic Achievement and Functional Performance (PLAAFP) to complete your Final IEP assignment. To complete this assignment, fill in the Blank IEP provided (highlighted portions) as if this IEP meeting is occurring at the beginning of Elli’s 2nd grade year. Look for the instructions throughout the IEP and review the grading rubric for this assignment to make sure you complete all areas of the IEP.

You may use your course notes and textbook materials. Review the feedback from your IEP Goals in Module/Week 3 before completing this assignment. If these goals were approved, you can use this on this Final IEP assignment.

Previous IEP is attached

Feedback from previous IEP below

You have a good start with these goals, as you included each of the key elements. However, you need to review for clarity and conciseness. Each of these goals should be also edited for grammar.

For example, the first goal should be “When presented with 2nd grade spelling words, Elli will score a 55% or higher [although I would choose at least 70%] in 3 of 4 trials.”

Do you see the difference? Please remember this for the final IEP assignment and email me with any questions.

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