final project 159

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The main elements of the research paper will include:

Topic Selection:

  •  Research topics must be objective in their presentation of the material. A list of possible topic ideas found below can be used as a resource whenchoosing a topic. You will need to present and support a conclusion about the topic.
  •  If the topic is one on which people have differing views (examples: abortion, gun control, the death penalty), students will need to present at least twosides of the issue. If personal beliefs about an issue are so strong that you cannot objectively present at least two sides of the issue, you may want to pursue a different topic that can be approached less passionately. Objective research is the framework.Outline:
    You will submit a research outline that may incorporate the use of cross-section of reference materials including but not limited to newspapers, magazines, journal articles, scholarly books, and even information gathered through the interviews of the individuals involved in the project.Final Research Paper:
    You will submit a final research paper that will include:
  •  Cover page
  •  Abstract
  •  Thesis statement
  •  Body of paper between 5 and 7 pages in length
  •  Citation/reference page, 4 to 5 scholarly references

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