Final Strategic Plan

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Create the Final Strategic
Plan. The Final Strategic Plan contains the elements of all the
previous weeks’ components and incorporates instructor feedback.The
strategic recommendations of the individual team members will be
evaluated and the best options chosen for recommendation for the team.
The final strategic plan contains:

  • Table of Contents
  • Executive Summary (350 to 700 words)
  • Company Background
  • Mission Statement
  • Vision Statement
  • Value Statement
  • Environmental Scan
  • Internal and External Environmental Analysis
  • Lean Enterprise Self-Assessment (using LESAT tool)
  • Business Model Canvas
  • Strategic Recommendation
  • Implementation Plan
  • Organizational Change Management Strategy and Plan (using the International Standards for Organizational Change Management)
  • Risk Management Plan
  • Conclusion
  • References 

Create a 30- to 35-slide
Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation to present the team’s strategic
plan, combining all relevant elements from previous weeks.

Format the assignment according to APA guidelines.

I only need  MUFG UNION BANK        Executive Summary (350 to 700 words) and PowerPoint for them 5 to 6 slides

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