Find a test and discuss the biases included in the test

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I did the HW but I need add a test.

Popham suggests that disparate impact does not equal assessment bias. If the test were free from assessment bias, I would support it. But first of all, I would look at the trial and test it for assessment bias.

Popham stated some judgmental approaches for detecting and eliminating bias. They include bias panel reviews, per item absence-of-bias judgment and total absence-of-bias judgment. There are some empirical approaches that a class teacher can use to eliminate bias. For example using peer review assessment by using both former and current students. Including former students creates a connection between generations and this can ease evaluation as there is intergenerational literacy.

There might be an education assessment strategy that might make tests of students with disabilities fair. Popham discussed the history of IEP as a tool, which measures a student’s progress by allowing individualized tests to assess a student by their abilities. Therefore, an assessment that would be fair in this case would be an individualized one.

Educational assessment bias cannot be fully eliminated because it is hard for a teacher to know the backgrounds of every student. However, bias can be reduced by using pure symbolic representations or purely natural world representation. This would aid in bringing bias-free assessments.

I need to do what my teacher need.

(You found and shared some really fantastic information about the importance of avoiding bias, but that is not what this assignment asked you to do. You were supposed to find a test and discuss the biases included in the test. Feel free to find a test and analyze it for potential bias based on the information you shared. )

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