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Elmer Avenue Midterm Essay

Minimum 750 words, 12 point Times New Roman Font

Drawing from at least three sources we have referred to in class, answer the following question. Take three photos to help you construct your argument.

Is the re-design of water in the Elmer Ave. approach a strong, weak, or transitional strategy for creating environmental sustainability*?

You can use your images to help you create a tight focus for your insights.

Here are 3 of the sources:

Exploring Elmer Street:

What is Green Infrastructure?:

Definition of Sustainable Development:

*Brundtland Report definition of “sustainable development”: “Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs” (

Use MLA or APA citation format. Use close reading techniques in your answer—quoting directly from sources you choose, and wording/articulating the significance of the words you have quoted for your reader(s). This technique helps you stay analytical in your approach, and it can help you unlock the complexity of your own thinking.

This technique or skill can also help you avoid falling into overgeneralizing when you express your viewpoint.

Your essay should have a title (“Essay 1,” “Midterm,” Or “Question 1” will not serve as a title) that you create/construct out of the key idea you are pursuing. Your essay title should be brief but indicative of what key idea or ideas your readers will expect to follow/find in your work.

Essays should be free of misspelling, grammatical errors, sentence structure issues, as well as be developed into paragraphs (no one or two sentence paragraphs—your goal should be to work in paragraph units of 5 or more well-developed sentences).

All ideas in your paragraphing should be working toward supporting a main idea or thesis

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