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Marketing Communications

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What promotional tools would you use to get your message to the consumer? Explain your choice.

Instructions: and respond to Two o f your peers’


Student 1/Marketing Communication

Marketing communications is defined as when an organization attempts to inform and persuade customers about the products and services they sell. The main framework of marketing communication are to Target audience, set communication objects, develop the message, pick channels of communication, determine frequency, and lastly operate within budge. The main 3 key steps are to determine your communication object, choose your message, and pick the marketing communication tool that best fit. I would choose Advertising as my promotional tool to get my message to the consumers. Advertising is any paid form of media communication. This includes print ads in magazines, trade journals and newspapers, radio and TV announcements, Web-based visibility-building, and billboards. In the generation we live in, everybody knows that media communication is the most popular way to catch many people attention.


stdudent 2/ In the first section we discussed the importance of attempting to persuade customers about the products they sell. In this lesson, we discussed the marketing communications framework. This framework consists determines target audience developing a message, picking channels of communications, determining frequencies, and operating within a budget. We then discussed over the possible communication objectives. The Objectives were attention, interest, desire, action. Along with this objective, we were asked to go deeper in our philosophy of understanding in regards to marketing communications. Theres also choosing your message: Being sure to understand what information or connection your target audience is looking for. Ultimately in this video, I discovered a broader perspective of marketing. I obtained a better understanding of marketing communications framework. We assessed over the marketing tunnel. And lastly talked about the three steps towards better marketing.

Discussion 11

Imagine that you are an account executive for a social media company. Your client is Bowie State University. How would you use social media to reach your target audience (teens ages 16-18) living within 20 miles of BSU?

Instructions: and respond to Two of your peers’

Student 1/Social media websites and applications that enable users to create and share content or to participate in social networking. It is an outlet in which large groups of people can communicate to each other virtually instantaneously. It is the way that most things today are being promoted. Being an account executive for a social media company using that promotional tool to reach out to the audience between the age of 16-18 would be very efficient and profitable. I would use social media like twitter to promote my product by tweeting local events and information on our product or services. I would also use instagram. Using this platform i could give visuals on how our product looks. This could help consumers have more of an visual aid when it comes to our products. Another platform I would use is Facebook. WIth that website I could post polls and surveys to see what our customers think about our products. We could also have a live feed showing at local events. Another platform that many people tend to overlook as social media is YouTube. With this website you can take your visual aid to the next level. This website is one of the largest video sharing platforms in the world. There are many different social media tools that can be used to promote prodcuts.


Student 2/

If I were an account executive for a social media company, a couple ways I would go about trying to reach my target audience; to start my audience ranges sixteen to eighteen years old which mean the are mostly on social media and the platforms they use the most are twitter, snapchat, instagram, and youtube. By using twitter I can keep teenagers update about events they have at Bowie State. In order to make them want to come to the events I would then use Instagram live, snapchat, youtube, and other video platforms to record college life and how much fun the students have at the events. Also by partnering with the high schools within twenty miles of Bowie the agency could have ads on their website and use youtube as a platform to showcase both schools relationships with each other. Another resource the agency can use to find out what interest the teens is using the poll features on instagram and twitter to determine what the audience would like more. Not only can social media be used to show off events and student life at Bowie it can also put a spotlight on the academics Bowie has to offer, have teens come up with questions about their prospective majors and have college students answer their questions over live stream. An example of when social media can be used the most for the target audience was for before, during, and after homecoming using all social media platforms brings exposure to the university.

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