Formative Assessment

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This Mastery Check gives you an opportunity to describe what you believe educators should mean when they refer to​ “formative assessment.”​ Ideally, not only will your brief description of formative assessment be​ accurate, but you will be able to mentally retain that​ description, or a paraphrase of the description. Your personal familiarity with what formative assessment​ is/isn’t ought to be should truly be lifelong understanding.
Imagine that you are a teacher taking part in the winter​ “Back-to-School Night” your school sponsors for parents every​ fall, winter, and spring. Your principal has asked you to serve as one of 15 faculty members who will supply​ 20-minute explanations of some features of the​ school’s program. Because all the teachers have agreed to employ formative assessment this year and because you are a strong proponent of classroom formative​ assessment, you enthusiastically accepted your​ principal’s invitation to talk with the parents about formative assessment.
You decide to hand out a brief written description of​ “The Essence of Formative​ Assessment” when parents enter your room. The written explanation of formative
assessment to be read by parents immediately will allow you to spend the bulk of the​ 20-minute period responding to the questions that parents raise.
For this​ task, write that description. Provide a concise explanation of formative assessment in the way your​ school’s teachers are attempting to install that process. Do so in less than 400​ words, and remember that these parents will usually be interested in how what you are talking about will have an impact on their children.

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