Free Speech on College Campuses

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Free speech on college campuses is a tough topic. It is tough because it seemingly pits two essential values against each other. Let me explain. On the one hand, college is a space for personal growth and development. This means being exposed to diverse and sometimes radical views and ideas. Freedom of speech, for both students and professors, is essential in this respect. However, on the other hand, college needs to be an inviting space where students feel welcome and included. Given that “most” of today’s well-paying jobs require an advanced education, if certain individuals or groups feel unwelcome or targeted because of who they are, this can lead to long term systematic injustice.

  • Understanding that both values are important, how would you deal with free speech issues on college campuses?

Before you start, please watch the following video:


Please make sure to do the following:

  • Answer the highlighted question above in a paragraph response (6 – 9 sentences);
  • Demonstrate critical thought and reflection;
  • Thoughtfully and respectfully engage one another (keep it classy!);

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