fundamentals of systems design and analysis 2

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PART 1 . Using IDEF 0 methodology, draw a complete model to specify an organization of your choice (industrial, service, or p ublic) . This model should specify the organization down to its 2 nd level of decomposition (i.e., include function blocks at the Axx level) , taking into c onsideration of all the aspects, such as those identified in the FIVE categories in a typical industrial system.

Follow strictly the cross – checking steps to ensure the integrity of your model:

1. Specify and Cross – Check a function block: f or each of the Inputs, cross – check for its related Output(s); for each of the Out put s , cross – che ck for its related Input(s); for each of the Mechani sm and Control, check what it is used for.

2. Decompose , if needed, to 3 – 5 next level functions . For each of these sub – level functions:

 Carry out the Specify and Cross – Check as outlined in (1)

Establish relationships amongst these functions through flow of Inputs, Outputs, Controls and Mechanisms

Cross – Check Integrity of Decomposition : lower – level definition should represent EX ACTLY its higher level function.

3. Repeat step 2 until the required level of detail is reached.

You should provide a textual descrip tion of the overall system/organization of concern, as well as for each of the function blocks presented in the model.

PART 2. From your IDEF model of the organization, pick up two related functions. D raw an Activity – Cycle – Diagram to illustrate how the dy namic interaction takes place.

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