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The purpose of the Final Paper is to demonstrate your mastery of the learning objectives stated in the class
Syllabus through explaining how your assigned country fits in to the tourism industry. Please review the Syllabus
to know which learning objectives need to be demonstrated in your paper. You must use APA format. Your paper
will be between 6 and 8 pages (not including your sources or title page). The paper should be double-spaced.
Visuals (charts, pictures, etc.) should be used only if it adds to the paper and should not be used to fill space.
Possible Areas of Focus:
• Class Learning Objectives (page 1 of Syllabus)
• What kind of marketing exists to attract tourists?
• What is the state of the infrastructure and does it limit tourism?
• What natural and/or created attractions exist to attract tourists?
• How does the government support tourism?
• What kind of social, culture, and/or environmental issues exist that impact tourism?
• What is the future of tourism?
• What would it be like to be a tourist there?
• What would someone want to visit there?
• What would it be like to own a company that depended on tourism

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