Give Me Liberty US History II, assignment help

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Using a minimum of 200 – 250 words, per question address the following:

  • How did Lyndon B. Johnson make the Vietnam War his own?
  • How did the U.S. economy end up suffering both from inflation and high unemployment?


Using the textbook and the following resources, trace the development of the Civil Rights Movement from the Brown v. Board decision to the Black Power Movement. Make sure to present a thesis at the beginning of your essay:

Address the following questions in your essay:

· What various strategies were adopted by civil rights leaders?

· How did civil rights activists bring the movement to national attention?

· Why was the federal government reluctant to fully support the movement?

· What role did the federal government eventually play in the movement?

· What successes were achieved?

· Why did the movement eventually lose momentum?

Essay should be minimum of 700 words. Use MLA style for use of sources and citations.

Grade Criteria:

FOCUS: The essay makes a clear and effective statement (the thesis) about the Civil Rights Movement. /10

DEVELOPMENT: The essay fully discusses all questions about the Civil Rights Movement. /40

HISTORICAL ANALYSIS: Points of are placed in historical context of the time specific time they occurred. /30

COHERENCE: The essay is organized logically. points are clear and uses quotes, paraphrases and citations appropriately. /10

CORRECTNESS AND STYLE: The essay has few errors and is written in a readable style. /10

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