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Please watch the video below. In the Discussion Board comment on these issues and questions:

  • Do you believe the Euro Zone (Euro Area) will hold together and be successful?  Why or why not?  What would success look like?
  • The
    video specifically describes and contrasts Germany’s and Greece’s role
    in the union so far.  Do you think Germany and Greece will ultimately
    equally benefit from the union assuming it holds together?  Why or why
  • Imagine
    yourself as the leader of a global business currently considering
    foreign direct investment in Europe.  What are some of the issues to
    which you need to pay attention?  How does the current situation affect
    your strategy?
  • With
    the US debt now at about $18 trillion, do you see any lessons from the
    European Debt Crisis to which the US should pay attention?
  • Why should we, as US residents or citizens, care about the Euro crisis?

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