Global Marketing Plan Project Assignment: Part 4

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Chosen Company: Emirates Airline in USA

Each “Global Marketing Plan Project Assignment” completed throughout the semester will be part of your Global Marketing Plan Project grade. You will be able to use the information that you gather in each assignment to build your “Final Global Marketing Plan”.

Continuing-Global Marketing Plan Project enables you to begin research and to identify key, critical areas for your selected country. Your product must have a comparative advantage to be successful in a global marketplace. In addition, you will need to take advantage of federal and state support to market your product around the world.

Complete the following activities.

  1. List the factors of production that are needed to produce your product/service. Compare your factors of production to other countries around the world. Describe where you think you have a comparative advantage in producing your product.
  2. Describe the types of barriers you are likely to find as you attempt to sell your product in international marketplaces. Devise a strategy to deal with these barriers.
  3. Use the internet to learn whether there are any commercial policies related to your product. Determine whether target countries are members of the WTO. Decide whether you need to look at some other countries as alternative places to sell.
  4. Use the internet to identify how your federal and state governments can help you in marketing your product internationally.



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