Globalization and Civilization (In-class presentations )

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You were selected to reflect on our readings (An Overview of History by Redner and What is Globalization by Kiggundu) located under the module titled “What is Globalization?”

For our next class meeting, I want you all to be prepared to discuss the following questions. As you reflect on these questions and your two readings please aim to prepare written responses though I am not expecting you to submit those written works. I merely want you to be well prepared to lead our in-class discussion.

Although we can certainly debate this point, I want you to address the domain assumptions expressed in the Redner and Kiggundu chapters: Globalization, moving as it does from the center to the periphery 1 and periphery 2 zones, is impressing upon the world the ideas, values and practices of industrial capitalism, a formal-legal-rational system of governance, an appreciation of science and, most certainly, a strong emphasis on education and life-long learning.

Your discussion to the class needs to address whether you agree or disagree with what I have expressed in the above paragraph. In short, is globalization really doing this? If globalization is doing these things, discuss what the future holds for global citizens. If you think globalization is not doing these things, explain what it is doing and then discuss what the future holds for global citizens given your explanation of what globalization is doing.

I wish also for you to develop at least two questions that you will present to the class to stimulate discussion. Be prepared to led the discussion.

As you all are our first presenters, please contact me with any questions you may have.

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