GMO short essay

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Part 1:

300 word essay


Do a Web search (reviewing at least 2–3 websites or scholarly articles) on Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) with their pros and cons. What do you think? Should you include GMO foods in our grocery stores? Should all people eat GMO foods? Do you think there are certain groups of people who should avoid GMO foods (children, pregnant women, cancer patients, etc.?) Do you think that you should know if what you are eating is genetically modified? Current regulations do not make this necessary.

What are your thoughts on genetically modified rice containing higher levels of vitamin A to help support vision and decrease diseases in children?




Study the information found for each of these accessory nutrients. Where are they being sold? What is the price? Do they mention good manufacturing practices (GMPs)? How about dosage and ingredients? Can you find the Nutrition Facts Panel? Write down the answers to these questions and share what you have observed.

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