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Problem One

The financial statements for a company included the following information:

Common Stock


Retained Earnings


Net Income


Shares Issued


Shares Outstanding


Dividends Declared and Paid


The common stock was sold at a price of $30 per share.

Complete the following:

(a)    What is the amount of capital in excess of par?

(b)   What was the amount of retained earnings at the beginning of the year?

(c)    How many shares are in treasury stock (Treasury shares)?

(d)   Compute earnings per share.


Problem Two

Suppose a company had the following stock outstanding and retained earnings on December 31, 2011.

Common Stock (par $7; outstanding, 22,000 shares)


Preferred Stock, 10% (par $10; outstanding, 6,000 shares)


Retained Earnings



Suppose that the preferred stock is noncumulative, and the total amount of dividends is $29,000.

Compute the amounts of dividends, in total and per share, that would be payable to each class of stockholders.




Problem Three


At December 31st, 2011, the records at a corporation provided the following selected and incomplete data:

Common stock (par $1; no changes during the year)


Shares authorized, 3,000,000


Shares issued, ?: issue price $65 per share


Shares held as treasury stock, 85,000 shares, cost $40 per share

Net income, $3,700,000


Common stock account, $1,400,000


Dividends declared and paid; $2 per share.


Retained Earnings balance, January 1, 2011, $74,700,000




Find the following:

(a)    the shares issued

(b)   the shared outstanding

(c)    the balance in the Capital in Excess of par account

(d)   the EPS on net income

(e)   The total dividends paid on common stock during 2011

(f)     The amount of treasury stock



Problem 4

On August 31, 2010, a company purchased 10,000 shares of stock for $30 per share. Management recorded the stock in the securities available for the sale portfolio. The following information pertains to the price per share of stock:










Prepare journal entries for the investments in SAS and the Net Unrealized Gains/Losses for each date given. Then compute the balance in the Net Unrealized Gains/Losses.

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