criminals bible book critique you must have read book or have access it

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I have a book Critique that is due Sunday, 10/5/2014. 


This assignment is a to-the-point summary and evaluation of the following book:


Jones, Criminals of the Bible (2006).


The critique must include a title page and abstract (not included in the 5–7 page count for the body of the paper). Use APA format for running head, margins, page numbers, in-text citations, references, etc. Analysis must be supported with at least 3 scholarly criminal justice references.


The grading criteria is:



•Is there a proper APA abstract (length, content, style)?

•Does it concisely convey the content of the Book Critique? 



•Are the transitions between paragraphs and sections clear?

•Is the critique logically oriented?



•Are the issues raised in the book thoroughly analyzed from a criminal justice using at least three (3) scholarly criminal justice sources?

•Are issues analyzed from a biblical/Christian worldview perspective and using scripture passages?

•Are passages from the book properly utilized and integrated into the critique?

•Does the conclusion offer a good summary of key issues addressed in the book? 



•Is the critique without spelling and grammar errors?

•Does the critique properly use current APA style?

•Does the critique reflect a graduate-level vocabulary?

•Is the body of the critique the appropriate length (5–7 pages)?


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