leisure and wellness interviews

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D. Leisure and Wellness Interviews [500-750 words]

Wellness and leisure can also vary greatly by age. To get perspectives from different life stages, you will interview three people total, with one person in each of the three age groups: Children 10-15, Adults 35-50’ish and Senior 65+. These people cannot be related to you.   

You need to develop a list of questions (seven minimum) to ask each person.  These questions should be based on our topics this quarter.   I want you to find out by talking to these people what they perceive leisure to be and what works for them and what doesn’t.  You have to ask questions differently to the younger kids and sometimes in different languages you need to figure out what is the most appropriate word for leisure.  You will need to write a summary of your findings from the interviews and what you think the surveys tell you about those you interviewed.  You will come up with conclusions about leisure across the lifespan and in different cultures.  Make sure you introduce your interviewees and explain how you know them.  Include a list of your questions with your final paper and pictures of the people you interview. 

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