white people supporting efforts to end segregation and discrimination in some places after the world war ii

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In a 7-8 page paper, double-space, Times New Roman, please address the following question:

What made it so difficult for many white people to support efforts to end segregation and discrimination in schools, housing, and jobs in the two decades following World War II? 🎯 Your main source for answering this question should be Melba Beals’ Warriors Don’t Cry, ((but you are required to draw from at least two of the following primary documents)) :

  1. Southern Manifesto (1956) [Voices Of Freedom Book]
  2. Anne Braden, “A Letter from a white southern woman from Anne Braden”


C. James Baldwin debates William Buckley

D. Martin Luther King Jr., Letter from a Birmingham Jail


🎈 🎈 🎈 Notes: I need 2 to 3 pages for tomorrow and the rest i should have it by next Sunday 15th of July

Melba Beals’ Warriors Don’t Cry

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