writing a paper on evidence based management

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Importance of Evidence-Based Management

By this time, you should be generally familiar with what evidence-based management is and how it is used in the health care setting. In the next units, you will learn how to use the evidence-based management model. First, you must reflect on what you have learned to further your foundational understanding of evidence-based management. To do that, write a paper in which you address the following:

  • What is evidence-based management?
  • Describe and analyze the evidence-based management model.
  • What is the importance of collecting data in decision making?
  • Why is business intelligence important? In other words, why would companies invest in business intelligence?
  • Compare the historical origins of evidence-based management with the historical origins of evidence-based medicine.

Include examples and citations as appropriate.

Your paper should include a table of contents, headings, and a references page. In addition, it should be formatted following current APA guidelines. An APA tutorial is provided in the Resources. Consult it as needed.

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