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Please anwer the questions :

1. The United States Government practiced a policy of , “depopulation” of the native american, these ideas were contrary to the Genocide Convention of 1947, which forbid the following actions by governing country to any group of people that identify with each other by ethnic or religious means to following “acts committed to with the intent destroy, in whole, part, a national,ethnic, or racial or religious group as such”. How did the United States themselves from being governed by the Genocide Convention of 1947. Which actions under the convention in regards to native people and children would have qualified as violation of these laws.

2. In these schools punishment was very harsh and usually given for no reason. Many of the children couldn’t take another day that they would commit suicide and others would escaped. Where the escapes successful for these children? Why? Give support to why or why not?

3. What do you believe are the long-term implications of the treatment of Native American people, especially the children that grew up in military-like boarding schools?

4.In the video, “500 Nations Roads Across the Plains & Attack on Culture”, illustrates the testimonials of individuals who grew up in Native American boarding schools. They declare that they were made to be embarrassed about who they are and where they came from. Why is this a tactic used by the oppressor on the oppressed?

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