as discussed in class this quiz is an essay quiz in which you will be choosing 2 of the following topics to analyze 1

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As discussed in class, this quiz is an essay quiz in which you will be choosing 2 of the following topics to analyze – it is expected that you will prepare ahead of time! Examples must be analyzed using course vocabulary and also must be clearly identified by date, title, etc. as available. Absolutely no use of any outside sources is permitted – you may choose an example of a work of art which you found online but you may not use online websites for content. Do not use the same example more than once on this quiz.

1.Compare and contrast the Greek and roman styles of art. In your discussion, you must use two specific works of art – one for Greek and one for Roman. remember to discuss how these works reveal similarities and differences in cultural values. Be sure your discussion includes references to both idealism and realism.

2.Describe three Egyptian works of art (architecture, painting or sculpture) which all reflect the same specific cultural value – explain how each does so.

3.Describe the history, purpose and specific features of a Gothic cathedral. Describe at least one specific cathedral in your essay and describe at least four specific features of it.

4.Compare and contrast the classical and Hellenistic Greek styles – again using specific example of each.

5.Compare and contrast the ancient Greek representation of humanity to that of the medieval view of humanity – again, specific example of each must be used in your essay.

6.Compare and contrast the Greek Parthenon to the roman Pantheon – purposes, features, style etc – and again, what this comparison/contrast tells us about these two cultures

Please do not quote from the text – it is far better to write your own thoughts!

This essay should be about 2-3 pages, double-spaced total. Always write in Times New Roman, Times or Helvetica, 12-point font and 1-inch margins.

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