crew resource management crm is a procedure that is used in the airline industry

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Theme 1:

Crew Resource Management (CRM) is a procedure that is used in the airline industry. CRM affords the ability of any crew member to stop any portion of a pre-flight, in-flight and post-flight process that can lead to an incident that could cause harm, injury or death to anyone no matter crew or passenger. Research CRM and discuss how you see this process assisting in keeping a patient safe in a healthcare environment. Discuss why you do or do not believe this process should be used in a healthcare setting.

Theme 2:

One indicator in a medical practice that is monitored is the rate of No Show patients. No show patients can cause many problems for the practice as well as the physicians and advanced practitioners. How can a no-show appointment affect the quality of a patients care? What are the effects on the office not only from a patient perspective but financial as well? How can the leader of the practice work to mitigate the number of no-show appointments?

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