2 2 journal publishing roles

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I am needing 2-3 paragraphs written on the following:

Prior to creating your journal assignment, review the Working in Publishing link (the recommended browsers to access this resource are Internet Explorer or Google chrome), as well as these resources from Module Two: Key Roles in the Self-Publishing Ecosystem, Key Roles in the Screenwriting Ecosystem, and Key Roles in the Publishing Ecosystem. In your journal assignment, address the following issues:

Focus on one key role in the publishing ecosystem (agent, bookseller, printer, etc.). Reflect on how the role you described can impact your ability to publish a creative work.

Just a little info about me:

I am working on a degree in Creative Writing with a focus in fiction as a writer I find that I will need immense help from an literary agent. I lack the marketing skills need to pitch my books to publishers. The knowledge that an agent has regarding the industry far exceed what I have come to learn about the publishing industry.

Please be sure to read the rubric before starting and to cite all resource in MLA format.


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