software defined networking sdn and intent based networking ibn

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Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Intent-Based Networking (IBN) offer an ability to revolutionize the modern network architecture.Both of these concepts are relatively new and your Chief Technology Officer (CTO) has only heard them in passing.In fact, she pawned them off as the new “marketing fad” dressed up as a new concept.As you have researched both technologies, you understand this is not a fad.When used in combination with virtualization and cloud computing, you know this could revolutionize how the organization operates.Providing for reduced costs, efficiency, better management of the network assets, and security.However, you need to develop a white paper for the CTO to highlight these benefits.Given she has only heard the term in passing, you must describe the SDN and IBN concepts, their benefits, and what it would take for the organization to implement.You decide to form a group and tackle this opportunity together.As a group, you will complete a white paper that includes the following sections and information:

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