mechanisms of accountability memo from senior aide to agency head

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For this Assignment, you are to assume the role of Senior Aide to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Department of Justice, or the Department of Human Services. In this role, you will write a memo to the head of the agency you select.

Craft a 2- to 3-page memo to the head of the agency. In your memo, provide direction on how the agency should proceed on a rule related to air quality. Include the following:

  • A description of the mechanisms you consider the most effective in the presidential oversight of rulemaking, and an explanation of why.
  • An explanation of how these mechanisms will help with the rulemaking. Be specific.

Use a minimum of 3 scholarly resources to support your memo.


  • Kerwin, C. M., & Furlong, S. R. (2010). Rulemaking: How government agencies write law and make policy (4th ed.). Washington, DC: CQ Press.
    • Chapter 6, “Oversight of Rulemaking”
  • Harrell, R. W. (2015). The Contract Clause of the Constitution and the need for “pass any…law” rehabilitation in the age of delegation. George Mason Law Review, 22(5), 1317–1348. Retrieved from
  • Kennedy, J. B. (2015). “‘Do this! Do that!’ and nothing will happen”: Executive orders and bureaucratic responsiveness. American Politics Research, 43(1), 59–82.
  • West, W. F. (2015). The administrative presidency as reactive oversight: Implications for positive and normative theory. Public Administration Review, 75(4), 523–533.

Optional Resources

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