use what you learned in econ 130 write this paper this is final paper

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Topic: Central Bank Independence: Benefits and Drawbacks


The sepcific format of papers can vary, but academic research papers often have the following sections:

1. Introduction: Introduce your topic, explain why it is important, what is your question specifically, provide a preview of your results, how it broadly fits into the existing literature and important policy implications.

2. Background and Literature Review: Provide the reader with all the relevant information needed to understand the paper and information about past research on your topic and discuss how your work relates to existing literature.

3. Model/Main Body: this will be the heart of your paper and contains your analysis of the topic. It should include your opposing arguments for the critical analysis, data description, methodology, and empirical results for the quantitive analysis, and application of the economic models for theoretical analysis.

4. Conclusion: The conclusion should briefly summarize the question you set out to answer, how you went about answering it, the findings you had and the implications of those findings. Discuss how it ties into past research on the topic and how it is important to the general public. If you have ideas for future research, this is the time to bring them up.

Please try as best as you can!!! Thank you!

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