role of media in sport responses

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response 1 Alexander

In every major sport athletes are compensated for their performances and for their talent. In college I do not believe that athletes are exploited however there are instances where that could be perceived that way. Given their talent, you could say that the colleges are paying trinkets for what they make for the college athletes. Colleges can get sponsored and bring in other revenue money. Student athletes are not allowed to have sponsors or any kind of compensation, except of course for having their tuition paid by the school through scholarships. Some would argue that this is not enough compensation but i believe that it is. Athletes that plan to go pro have all of their pro careers to make money through these avenues so I believe that the colleges paying tuition is fair compensation at that level. ASU fits into the discussion because as one of the most successful colleges some might not think that the athletes are compensated fairly for the level that the athletes are expected to perform. I know many people would say this is a form of exploitation but the athletes do get compensated for how they perform. It really just depends on your perspective whether this is a form of exploited labor

Response 2 Daniel

College athletes in the US have almost always been exploited for profit by their athletic departments. More now than ever have universities used their top performing athletes to be used as pawns on a chessboard in order for the universities monetary benefit. With the news media being the monopoly of information it is today, colleges athletic departments are exploiting their athletes by offering them the best scholarships available, basically giving these people a free college education, room and board, books, and extra money for living expenses to help provoke them to give their all to the sport they play for.

Question 2

Colleges like ASU recruit highschool athletes to the college again by offering them the best financial support for the education side of the school, while demanding these athletes to go above and beyond to give their all for the school, in an effort to bring in revenue and drive profits. ASU just remodeled the football stadium in the past couple years, according to AZCentral, ASU spent over 300 million dollars on the remodel, for what purpose? Who knows, maybe a nicer stadium would bring in more news media and people, in other words, more money. While these athletic programs continue to exploit their athletes, who really are doing all of the work and not getting paid for it, universities are increasing the tuition every year for all of their students to help support the “pride” of their athletic programs.

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