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I need to write a petition to enroll in a course for the 3rd time but I want it worded nicely so I came here for help.

I took the class during the fall semester of 2017 but during that time I got very depressed and suicidal. I felt that what made me depressed are multiple things. first was me being away from home. I’m from Kuwait but I’m here in Tempe, Arizona away from home. It’s been 2 years since I last saw my family. I didn’t seek help during that time because I’m the type of person who keeps things in and not let out. I’m also the type of person who tries to avoid other people. I think that also contributed to my depression. When my grades were getting affected because of this, it made me more depressed because of how I took it. I took personally and thought to myself that I was a failure and thus slowly losing my motivation to even try. Throughout my life I haven’t been in a situation where I had to do put in an effort to succeed but this time, I realized that I had to. I took the class again in Spring 2018. It was all going well, First exam I got above average. Second exam was around average. Then, there was the project that the class had to do that amounted to 25% of the course grade. I wasn’t able to fully complete the project but I did complete about half of the requirements more or less but because the professor grades binary. It’s either right or wrong. So I got 0 for the project and that played a huge role into why I failed the course the second time. When that semester ended, I realized that not only do I need to put in the effort. But i need to also manage my time correctly. So what I’m currently doing for the Summer semester is, I have put up a calendar with things that I need to accomplish. I also have a weekly schedule for myself that I take a bit of time every weekends to plan for and write up my plans for the week and the things i have to do and when to do I do them. I dedicate times of my day to the various activities that I need to do. This strategy is holding up pretty well so far in my Summer semester and I plan to improve myself and my discipline.

The petition that I need to write is 1 page long.

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