world religions questions 2

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This is worlds religions philosophy Questions , and be sure to read each question carefully and answer completely (some of the essays require you to answer more than one question).

1- We considered a disagreement between Islamic philosophers with respect to prophecy.

One school of thought is that true prophets are not only not necessary but not even possible, while the other says prophets are a social necessity.

Explain the arguments for these positions in about a paragraph each.

2- Each of the religions we’ve studied have different “levels” of meaning or significance (that is, lay people might have one set of practices/beliefs whereas a priestly class may have a different system).

(1) Give a specific example of these levels for one religion from the text book or class discussions and (2) give an explanation of why these levels of meaning exist in religious contexts.

(A satisfactory answer will need to be at least a pretty sizable paragraph.)

Good luck!

The five religions are:

  • Hinduism
  • Buddhism
  • Judaism
  • Christianity
  • Islam

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