write up your findings using 1200 words or more and the format given below

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The study will be model 5, the primate data paper.

all the material will include in the model 5

  • Come up with a testable hypothesis.
  • Record primate data in a way that addresses this hypothesis.
  • Write up your findings using 1200 words or more and the format given below.

Paper Format:

IMPORTANT!! You must use the exact format below to get full credit for this assignment.

Hypothesis (5 point):

Briefly state your hypothesis in one sentence here.

Included in this sentence should be the species name and what you expect to find.

Methods (5 point):

How did you conduct your study?

What species did you study, what cam did you use, at what intervals and duration did you record your scans, and for what type of behaviors were you scanning.

Data (15 points):

Summarize your results here.

Include a summary of your scans, an activity budget, and written description of what your results were.

Analysis (15 points):

What do your data mean?

This should be the main part of your paper. Include the following: Was your hypothesis supported? Was it disproved? Were your data inconclusive? Why or why not? What previously done research supports your findings? Cite references using (author, year) whenever used.

Concluding remarks (5 point):

Briefly state the end result of your study. Make suggestions for further research.

List of References (5 point):

Cite all references: You should have at least 3 additional references, not counting lecture module material from class, the web cam URL, or information posted at the zoo website. These references should be from a professional anthropology, primatology, or science journal/website.

Paper Submission:

Once you have finalized your paper, please paste it into editing box below. If necessary you can attach it as a file, but I would prefer you paste it in. I do not mind if the formatting is lost. Not downloading files saves me time and also keeps my computer running smoothly. So please do not attach your assignment unless absolutely necessary. Thanks.

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