multicultural counseling

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Counselors are expected to be trained in and to develop the competencies to work with diverse clients. The ethics codes state that practitioners should have knowledge of their clients’ cultures and be able to demonstrate competence in providing culturally sensitive services to diverse client populations. The expectation is that the required education, training, experience, and supervision have or are being given to become a multiculturally competent practitioner.

  • 1. After viewing video clip Culture Clash, what are the main ethical issues do you believe this role play illustrates?When you answer this be sure to summarize and cite two standards that are most relevant.
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  • 2. What is your stand on this ethical issue (or these ethical issues)
  • 3. Based on the Tomlinson-Clarke (2013) article, what are two suggestions that you would make to better prepared the counselor to treat this client?…
  • (Please let me know if you have problem opening article)
  • 4. At this point in your training, how able are you to respond when a client challenges you on your age gender, or culture, implying that because of these differences you will not have the ability to be helpful (FYI-I’m male, from Europe with accent)

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