ww treatment and bmps

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This week we’ll work on two topics – Waste Water Treatment and BMPs. Last week we learned about Industrial Waste Water (IWW). This week we have to learn how to treat IWW.

Selected WW treatment principles and examples are presented in this week’s course materials. Please review:

– Waste Water treatment.pptx

Virtual tour of Waste water treatment plant:

Make sure you click on the different parts of the plant indicated numerically 1-8 and alphabetically A-F. You can enlarge the images as well.

Also, review:

– SWP-BMPs forSWP.pdf

EPA Source Water Protection Best Management Practices and Other Measures for Protecting Drinking Water Supplies.
It is a 125 pages EPA document. It may seem long, but review the document briefly. Pay attention to economic benefits and BMP’s.

I also uploaded SWPPP and BMPs examples for your SWPPP assignment.

Make sure to ANSWER to all topics.

– These are the questions you have to answer them

Topic 1

Analyze basic functions of the wastewater (WW) treatment plant.

Topic 2

Describe most common WW pollutants. Start with Dissolved Oxygen, pathogens…

Topic 3

Explain basic Wastewater treatment processes.

Topic 4

Evaluate different options for use or disposal of Wastewater residuals and Biosolids.

Topic 5

Analyze the importance of a water system’s source protection. Use your OWN words.

Topic 6

Discuss costs of water contamination. Use your OWN words. Make sure you include quantifiable and semi-quantifiable costs.

Topic 7

What Health Effects Can Contaminated Source Water Cause? Provide insightful analysis.

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