Grantham University Science Florida Weather Report

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Weather Podcast

You are the meteorologist!However, unlike the weather person, you are not necessarily graded on the accuracy of your forecast, but rather on the accuracy of your explanation and understanding of the weather. You will develop a forecast, record it as an audio file, and upload it as an audio file (.mp3) like a real radio meteorologist!

Include the following information in your weather report:

Your name and course section number

Your location


Average high temperature for this month

Average low temperature for this month

Average precipitation for this month

Current weather (High temperature for today and Low Temperature for today)

Compare your climate, current, and forecasted weather. Are they different? Explain how they differ.

Any expected weather such as precipitation, thunderstorms, etc.

What types of clouds are in sky?(use your textbook as a guide)

Considering the composition of the atmosphere, why do you think it may be difficult to make an accurate weather forecast?

What do you expect for the next two days?

oYour forecasted high temperature

oYour forecasted low temperature

oAny forecasted weather, such as precipitation, storms, or strong winds

Calculated wind chill or heat index if applicable (see pages 562 & 591 for the charts)

Are you under the influence of a High- or Low-pressure system?

oWhat does that mean for your current weather?Review the National Weather Service’s Forecast Maps.

Is there a high- or low-pressure system upstream (to your west)?

oWhat does that mean for your future weather?

oHow does this information support your forecast?

Once you have developed your weather report, record yourself giving the report (audio only) as if you were on the radio. Submit your completed .MP3 file into Blackboard as your assignment.


U.S. Climate Data

World Climate

National Weather Service

**Note:For this assignment I just need the questions answered and I will make the audio recording. The location for the weather will be FLORIDA!!!!

If you have any questions regarding this assignment, please let me know.

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