GS 103 Grantham University Scientific Method and Biased Science Questions

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The Scientific Method and Laws of Motion

For this week’s assignment, please answer EACH of the following questions/prompts.

Review the lecture on The Scientific Method and Biased Science

1.Explain each step of the scientific method, and for each step, given an example of how you personally use this step in your everyday life.

a.For example, we make observations all the time about what is going on around us. I observed that my neighbor was barbequing because I could smell the aroma (remember we don’t only observe with our eyes.)

2.Newton’s Three Laws of Motion. Choose at least three videos (from the links below) to watch about Newton’s Laws of Motion from either the National Science Foundation or the European Space Agency, (watch one video for each law). For each law, write a paragraph explaining the law. In each paragraph, include a definition, at least one example used in the video or an example of your own, and give details of how this proves or supports that particular law.

a.Newton’s First Law of Motion – Science of NFL Football

b.Newton’s Second Law of Motion – Science of NFL Football

c.Newton’s Third Law of Motion – Science of NFL Football

d.ESA Science – Newton In Space (Part 1): Newton’s First Law of Motion – The Law of Inertia

e.ESA Science – Newton In Space (Part 2): Newton’s Second Law of Motion – Force, Mass And Acceleration

f.ESA Science – Newton In Space (Part 3/3): Newton’s Third Law of Motion – Action and Reaction

3.Watch the following video, Forces and Motion in Games Programming.

a.Describe three reasons why you think the use of a “Physics Engine” is important in creating games?

b.Give three definitions or statements from the video or your textbook about force and motion.

Please use this Week 1 Assignment Template for your submission.

Please find attached the assignment template to be used for the assignment.

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