Harley Davidson has one of the most recognized brands in the entire world, Peer review 3 help

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  • Harley Davidson has one of the most recognized brands in the entire world.

Competition from substitutes:

There are approximately 20 companies that manufacture motorcycles around the world. Only eight of them manufacture street bikes that are similar to Harley Davidson. One problem for Harley is that nearly all of them are cheaper for a like motorcycle. Another problem is that most have better technology than Harley does as well.

Threat of Entry:

This one is relatively low. The cost of starting up a manufacturing business of this type is very expensive. It has been done recently though. Polaris a well-known manufacturer of snow mobiles and ATVs, created Victory Motorcycles. “Full production of its first motorcycle, the V92C, began in Spirit Lake, Iowa in late summer of 1998 (Motorcycle USA, 2008).”

Rivalry between Established Competitors:

Harley Davidson by reputation has one competitor that comes to mind. Indian Motorcycles, also owned currently by Polaris. Indian is the oldest manufacturer of motorcycles in the United States. They produce very similar motorcycles than that of Harley Davidson. Other manufacturers produce similar motorcycles as well, but they do not have the same history and following than Harley or Indian.

Bargaining Power of Buyers:

This is where Harley Davidson has excelled. Buyers have very little bargaining power due to the demand of a Harley Davidson motorcycle. This is why Harley’s have a higher selling price than most of the competition in their field. Harley Davidson is number 11 on Tenet Partners top 100 brands.

Bargaining Power of Suppliers:

Harley does use a lot of raw materials. Mostly metal and paint. This again gives Harley the advantage over the suppliers. There are more suppliers of those raw materials than there are manufacturers requiring those materials. The commodities prices of the materials also are a factor. The growth in Chinese manufacturing has made it much tougher for companies like Harley to increase their profits in recent years.


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