Harvard Implicit Association Test, psychology assignment help

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The essay needs to be 500 – 750 words and broken down into the 4 sections

a) Research the Harvard Implicit Association Test and “Project Implicit”. Include url’s to interesting websites that use, describe or discuss the implications of the IAT and IAT results. Discuss the notion of an implicit attitude (what is it). Discuss the way in which implicit attitudes are identified.

b) Now, from the point of view of positivism, should implicit attitudes be allowed in science? If not, why not? From the point of view of an operationist, are implicit attitudes well-defined? If not, why not?

c) What do YOU think about the notion of implicit attitudes? Do you think they should be allowed in science? How does your thinking relate to the inclusion of other similar concepts in psychology such as the id, ego and superego or mental elements, psychic resultants, visio-spatial sketch-pads, or even “psychic secretions”.

d) Finally, why does this matter so much to psychology? What are the broader implications of including in the science of psychology, notions like (implicit attitudes)?


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