Hasan — I need to reply to two of my classmates introduction. Below are the two discussions

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I am Sanketh Reddy Vuppunutula. I am currently working for a health insurance firm in Minneapolis. I work with Java, Angular applications on a regular basis. Working with so much information on a daily basis, I’ve realized there are many loopholes regarding legal procedures which can be misused. Through the information governance course, I intend to learn all the ins and outs of legal compliance and occupational transparency required to avoid expensive fines and lawsuits. Also during this course interacting with professional students from various disciplines under the IT cloud, I expect to learn and grow in my experiences and skillsets.




Hello Everyone,

This is Sai Balaji Yamsani, I work as System and Network Administrator at Bloomberg LP, New York. I live in north of New Jersey and commute to Manhattan for work. I have completed my master’s in Information Security Science at University of Cumberland’s and this is my first Semester for Doctoral course.

I want to gain knowledge by researching the topics and advance my technical skills on Information Technology, Looking forward to learn more from this course.

-Sai Balaji

NOTE: Each discussion in 150 words each


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