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Please help me add some content to my portfolio (All the Course Work.docx). You need to write down my progress in this course from the perspectives of style, organization, argument, evidence, analysis and critical reading. Every Paper’s draft I done need to add at least one paragraph to show my progress and something that the prompt required. Thank you!!!



The portfolio should be a curation of the work that you want to show me and what you’ve learned in the class. You’re not throwing everything at me, but instead making an argument through selection and narration (remember what you learned in the first assignment about narration and the second/third about argument) to tell me what you’ve done.

Of course, you want to put assignments and drafts. But think strategically where, why, and how you bring them to your reader’s attention. What other work do you want to add? What about notes, peer review, feedback, prewriting? How do you incorporate and illustrate your success in this class? How do you carefully show what didn’t work or what you’re still in the process of learning? Annotate and comment when you need to and guide your reader through your process and writing.

This assignment is very important to me. If you do well, I can give you some extra tips.

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