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for each of the questions, choose the best answer. after choosing the correct answer, explain why the answer is correct. please no plagiarizing and if you have any questions please ask me as soon as possible.

Chapter 15.

  1. Mary, age 82, keeps insisting that someone has been sneaking into her apartment and turning on her stove when she isn’t looking. Her family has noticed that Mary has been more and more forgetful lately, and now she has begun rambling in her speech and using many word substitutions, like “horse” for “dog.” Mary is likely to be suffering from
    • osteoarthritis.
    • negative stereotyping.
    • diabetes.
    • Alzheimer’s disease
  2. When Francesca, age 62, discovered that her retirement plan had suffered losses in the stock market, she realized that she would not be able to retired within the next year as she had expected to do. Francesca began to spend a great deal of time ruminating about her situation, especially about how sad she was that this problem had arisen after she had worked so hard all of her life. Which of the following is an accurate description of Francesca’s coping at this point?
  • She is using a problem-focused mechanism.
  • She is using an emotion-focused mechanism.
  • She is using a primary control strategy.
  • She is using no coping strategy.

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