need revision for argumentative research paper mandatory school uniforms in public schools

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I need to revision. I got a few comments for my teacher.

-An argumentative claim that school uniforms should be mandated and enforced in public schools is included in the introduction. A preview of two to four main points cannot be located. For instruction on developing an appropriate thesis statement.

-The body of the essay describes several points that discuss the argument concerning school uniforms in public schools. Without a clear preview of points in the thesis statement, it is not possible to determine if the information discussed aligns with the main points previewed in the thesis statement.

-The conclusion restates the claim in favor of school uniforms. Once a clear preview of points is added to the thesis statement, this aspect will be reviewed to ensure alignment between the thesis, main points, and conclusion.

-Content is poorly organized, is difficult to follow, or contains errors in mechanics, usage, or grammar that cause confusion. Terminology is misused or ineffective.

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