writing assignment 487

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write an analysis of your Mentor text. Answer the following prompts:

  • Who is this text’s author? What can we tell about the persona they are adopting? What ?DISCOURSE community is this target audience a part of?
  • Who is their target audience?   How can you tell from reading the text that this is the audience? In this an insider or outsider audience?
  • What assumption(s) are they trying to challenge about their discourse community?  Why does the writer think this audience holds these assumptions?  How can you tell that from reading the story?
  • Analyze the author’s approaches to their audience.  How do they build trust? How do they appeal to emotion? How do they seem reasonable and convincing? WHAT IS THEIR PURPOSE in presenting their story in this way?
  • What literary/creative techniques do you see them using?  How is the text built as not just an ARGUMENT, but as a piece of creative non fiction?

I do expect you to expand/revise it and support it with quotes for the final product. For this assignment, the goal is just to run your ideas by me. 

Minimum word count for this assignment: 500 words.

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