choosing a dissertation topic for my phd related to their topics four email to four professor to joining the phd program choosing 4 different topics to work on with each professor

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This is the format of the email ! I want 4 different emails to three different professors! I need to in each email a topic related to the professor work and why im interested in it !

I would like you to read what the projects and research work is about and write an email and I want you to find me a topic that I can work on it with the professor relating to the topics he has on his website!

I have attached each professor info please read about him or her! and I want four different topics in three different emails!

This is the school , I’m applying for in the Computer science program.

Graduated master and bachelor in Information technology.

Worked and interned while studying and also worked after at a company xxx for six months!

1) Ibrahim Habli (

2) Leandro Soares Indrusiak (

3) Human Computer Interaction(

4) Artificial Intelligence (

Format of the email! Please fill out the xxx and the what I should write in the bold words! finding topics to write my thesis about is hard so please I need help with that!

Dear X,

I hope this email finds you doing well,

My name is Sarah, I’m a recent master graduate from xx University with a degree in Information Technology specializing in Software Engineering. For my thesis, my topic was Hackable Medical Services and Protection Measures. Moreover, I recently worked at XXX for 6 months and I’m currently working on a research paper proposal with the topic “Topic you wanna pursue”. I am looking into options for pursuing a Ph.D. I have looked into your work on “something “, and I’m interested in joining you on this line of work.

I look forward to discussing with you the if we could discuss matters further via your preferred means of communication.

Thank you in advance,

For more informaiton or documents feel free to contact me!

I’m mostly interested in human computer interaction therefore focus on that ! also My master project was on cybersecurity and my bacholr was human computer interaction.

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