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Resume Assignment:

You are applying to your dream job/internship of your choice in the Baltimore area. Pretend that your name is Nate Dowdy and you are a budding entrepreneur that is a Senior at a school called University of Baltimore. You also live in the city of Baltimore.You have many passions (you can randomly decide which ones). The rest of the professional details you can make up randomly and are for you to decide on your resume. Find the place of your choice to apply to, then try your best to make an amazing sample resume with many details and beautiful design. A resume for all people to want to model after.


  1. Review How to Guide on Polishing Your Resume.and Sample Resumes by Majors and programs on Career Center’s Website.
  2. Watch Career Spots videos on Make Your Resume Pop
  3. Create your targeted resume based on job/internship you chose to and upload to Sakai.
  4. Post in discussion forum

Resources: Resume Guide and Resume grading rubric


Make Your Resume Pop

Additional resources for assignment

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