psychology 4000 article forum 1

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For this Forum, discuss the major ethical breaches of this study, based on the methods as reported in the article. Be sure to use the correct terms, either issues from the Belmont report (privacy, confidentiality, justice, Respect for persons, informed consent, beneficence) or from the APA Ethics Standards (pages 49-54 in the text).

Pick out what you believe to be the top 3 ethical problems with this study and explain what evidence from the article suggests there was a problem. Below is a fictional example:

1. Confidentiality- I believe that this study did not respect the confidentiality of the research participants. On page 37, the article states that “the results of the study were shared with the student’s major professors.” This violates research confidentiality. ****This is totally fictional, it is not from the article****

Summarize with your overall opinion of the ethics of the study, whether you would participate in a similar study, and whether this study could be conducted ethically.

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