information literacy project assignment 1

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Information Literacy Project, Assignment #1 (5 points, due 9/10 by 11:59pm)

Our media is full of misinformation about aging. This series of assignments is intended to explore important issues related to aging and analyze non-academic and academic sources of information using the TRAAP Test. Your work will receive feedback throughout each step of the assignment. For this assignment, you will get started by identifying a topic of interest, and describing your ideas about this issue without doing any additional research. This will be your topic for all information literacy assignments throughout this semester.

Please select of one of the questions below as the focus of your assignment. You will write two subsequent papers (one on a news article, one on a peer reviewed research article) and write an integrative and reflective paper based on feedback from earlier writing. In one paragraph, please describe your current perception of the question you’ve picked and what sources of evidence you believe have informed your perceptions. Do NOT seek out any new information about this topic before writing your paragraph! You will have the chance to do that in future assignments.

Your assignment must be typed and submitted in Canvas by the due date listed above.

  1. Does personality affect how long people live? If so, what factors are associated with greater longevity?
  • Does our lifestyle moderate our ability to age well? If so, are there specific factors or activities that are more influential than others?
  • Does physical exercise lead to better cognitive outcomes in older adults? If so, are there specific types of exercise that are better than others?
  • Does one’s race, ethnicity, or culture influence their views on aging? If so, how do these views influence older adult’s health outcomes?
  • Does depression lead to a future dementia diagnosis? If so, are there specific symptoms of depression that lead to a greater risk?
  • Does grandparenting affect older adult’s cognition? If so, how does this differ across cultures?
  • Does substance abuse occur in older adults? If so, are there specific factors that influence their decision to engage in these risky behaviors?
  • Does technology influence our ability to age in place? If so, are there specific types of technology that are better than others?
  • Does LGBT discrimination affect mental health and well-being in old age? If so, are there any dispositional factors that can project this trajectory?
  • Does a dementia diagnosis carry a stigma attached to it? If so, are there specific ways we should disclose this diagnosis and does this differ cross-culturally?

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