mba 620 business finance 1

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Hello, I am requesting completion of 4 items.

1. Could you please write a discussion post of 250 words in regards to the information below.

Elisa has asked the finance team to meet and discuss how capital budgeting will influence McCormick’s investment decision. Complete the following tasks within your group:

  • Discuss the best estimates of McCormick & Company’s capital structure used for the acquisition of new product lines. Give credit to any sources you use to support your statements.
  • Discuss how understanding capital budgeting will impact the decision of McCormick and Company’s potential investment in a new factory. Give credit to any sources you use to support your statements.
  • Later in the week, after you are back in your office, you have a follow-up discussion with your MCS colleagues in an effort to summarize the key lessons from your discussion on capital budgeting at the meeting. Respond to your colleagues’ original discussion posts and give credit to any sources you use to support your statements.

2. Write an 1 page Executive Summary in regards to the information below.

Now that you’re concluding your project for McCormick & Company, please prepare an executive summary based on your analysis and recommendations from the previous steps. This executive summary, along with citations for any sources you use, should be about one page in length.

Within your executive summary, I’d like you to highlight your analysis and recommendations to help McCormick & Company identify areas of improvement in their operations and explore options to make cost of capital decisions based on capital budgeting.

3. Write a 200 word skills gap anaysis on the information below.

At MCS, LLC our Human Resources department conducts a 10 week post-project self-evaluation of your skills. Using the same skills gap analysis file that was sent to you when you began with us, self-evaluate your project-related knowledge and skills accounting for your growth as you have worked on the other projects within MCS.

The skills gap analysis will help you identify the skill areas you have enhanced by completing the previous five projects. This self-evaluation measures the gains in competencies you have developed.

Complete your preliminary skills gap analysis by the end of Week 10. Carefully follow the instructions below:

  • Use the same skills gap analysis file you used at the beginning of the course to self-evaluate the knowledge and skills you gained from working with MCS. Use the Project 5 worksheet within the file to complete this step.
  • Identify the skill gaps you worked to reduce over the past 10 weeks and ascertain whether and how much you improved those skills. Take a moment to reflect on the activities you pursed to help you hone those skills. Include your reflection of no more than 200 words in the space provided in the skills gap analysis file.

4. Complete the Project 5 workbook.

Thank you in advance!

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