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Review the scenario: GTI Biotech Company (Genetic Technologies Incorporated) which is contrived, but based on a combination of several real-world entities. Recall that the key elements of Risk Analysis are: asset, threat, vulnerability and impact (consequence). Using the scenario as a basis, take on the role of the person responsible for “designing” the Assets Protection function for the company. Your assignment (for this week) is to…

1. Identify three key ASSETS of the company, and why they are significant,

2. Briefly describe at least three plausible THREATS which the company faces and should consider in developing their Assets Protection strategy/structure,

3. List and describe at least three VULNERABILITIES that may reasonably exist in this situation, and

4. Describe the potential IMPACT (or consequences) of projected losses due to threats you identified earlier.

Note: Please present your selected assets, threats and vulnerabilities in bulleted lists, then describe them and explain their importance in a narrative following each of the elements. For example, you should provide a bullet list of assets, then a narrative explanation; a bullet list of threats, then a narrative explanation, etc.

Stick to the specific assignment above. Do not begin to layout your security program or recommend security measures you will use to protect your assets.

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